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Physician's Portal Has Transitioned
to McKesson OneContent

The McKesson OneContent system was upgraded on Monday, July 16th. The Medical Records and Deficiencies tabs have been removed and will no longer be available through Physician's Portal. McKesson OneContent is now your source for viewing Historical Medical Record Images (Pre-Cerner) patient documents. Documentation on accessing McKesson OneContent and searching for patients can be found in the link below. Please contact your local IS educators or IS staff with any questions.


Click here to view a OneContent tip sheet.



There is a CRITICAL shortage of all large and small volume IV solutions nationwide. Please use and promote conservative measures such as reduction of KVO orders, discontinuing IVF when clinically appropriate, converting to oral therapy ASAP when patient tolerating PO, utilizing PO dosing when possible, etc.  

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Please complete all Signature, Missing Text and Dictation deficiencies in preparation for the Cerner conversion.




Dear Provider,


Nationwide compliance to the new ICD-10 codes will occur on October 1st. Both hospitals and providers will be required to send ICD-10 codes for diagnoses. Hospitals will be required to send ICD-10 codes for procedures.


In an effort to ease the transition, please resolve all incomplete records and dictate new reports timely. For assistance with documentation specificity, please contact the hospital HIM Department or Clinical Documentation Specialist.


Admit Certification iForm


Beginning Thursday, July 24th the new Admission Certification Iform will be available in HEO. This iform will take the place of the paper form being used today. Exit Checking will be in place and if there is not an active admit order on the patient, the iForm will pop up and function like the VTE iForm. Exit Checking will exclude Rehab, OB, Pedi, Neonates, and Psych patients as they are not required in the CMS rules. Inpatient Admit will expire in 15 days causing the iform to start popping up after that time for the Physician to readdress if the patient is still in the hospital. Outpatient and Obs expire in 24 Hours and the iform will begin popping up after that time. For questions contact your Facility IS Educator.



If you would like to use the new HEO or HMR tab from your home or office, you will need Portal through CITRIX.


Please contact the IS department for a Citrix user name and password or to setup Citrix on your mobile device.

If you are experiencing issues downloading the CITRIX client please visit

Note - The Citrix password must be 7 characters minimum and contain 3 out of 4 of the following: lowercase, uppercase, numbers or symbols. It can not contain any part of the person's name or their username.

Physician Reminder

Please remember to complete your deficiencies in a timely manner

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